About Us

Seafork Alpaca is a small, ever increasing, family run herd of BAS registered alpacas. We are located a short distance from the village of Bushmills, just a stones throw from the picturesque Giant's Causeway on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. We keep our alpacas mainly as pets and for their fibre.

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Meet Our Herd

There are currently 19 alpacas in our herd at Seafork Alpaca with another 8 expected in the next year. Our herd is divided between our two stud males Kippy and Barney.

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Alpaca Craft

We have a variety of different crafted items available to purchase. Everything is made with Seafork Alpaca hand-spun wool. Our alpacas are shorn then their fleece is processed and hand-spun into a soft warm hypoallergenic wool.

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